Winner, Winner Eggs for Dinner!!!

And The Lucky Winner Is…

As planned, my Chocolate Easter Fried Eye Competition was randomly drawn on Wednesday the 15th of April 2020. The lucky winner was announced on my Nightmares + Gummy Bears Facebook and Instagram pages. It was a very happy and excited Kylie Jones!

I lovingly created the original artwork from polymer clay and mixed media. It features a delicious chocolate Easter fried eye, broken chocolate shell, faux sprinkles, jelly beans and maggots, all dished up on a vintage plate. It can be displayed on a table top to scare unsuspecting guests, or wall mounted for a touch of class.

Kylie received her prize last week and kindly sent me with the great appreciation pic below. My artwork has gone to an awesome home, I hope it continues to bring many years of joy!

Better Luck Next Time

More chances to WIN will be coming up soon! This year I will be participating in #gameofshrooms which is a worldwide art drop of mushroom inspired artworks. I've been working on a special set of four pieces to contribute to the 2020 #shroomdrop. Follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to see the works in progress and location hints on the official drop date of June 13 2020.

My name is Rachel Weaver. An artist inspired by sugar and spice… and things not so nice. Experimenting with polymer clay and mixed media to create the weird ideas that fill my head late at night.

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