Welcome to Lunatic Ramblings


First and foremost, hello! Thanks for reading the first official post on my new art blog Lunatic Ramblings. 2020 certainly has been interesting so far. Currently, many of us are spending our time at home in quarantine, or practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Corona Virus has had a devastating impact across the globe, and the numbers are still growing. However, we can choose to use this time productively. Have a think about what goals you can reach from the safety of home, follow through and dedicate the time.


In times of uncertainty or adversity, keeping busy is better than dwelling. Being creative boosts your immune system, and is generally good for mental health. We all have things we mean to do, but never find the time. Now's your chance. Have a think, write a list. Here's a few idea's to keep you busy creatively!

  • Head over to Udemy and check out their huge range of courses. Often on sale with massive discounts, you can even filter your search results to view what's on offer for FREE! Learn some awesome new skills and complete a course or two - learn at your own pace with lifetime access.
  • Check out the polymer clay tutorials on offer by my good friend Debbie Crother's.
  • Give your studio a good clean, re-arrange and re-organise.
  • Knit or crochet a masterpiece.
  • Update your website and social media accounts.
  • Start your own YouTube Channel or blog.
  • Catch up on any paperwork. You'll be glad it's done later.
  • Makeover a piece of furniture.
  • Decorate Easter Eggs.
  • Customize some clothing.
  • Hang your artwork, or personally inspirational images.
  • Now is the perfect time to adopt a studio companion. If you're in Geraldton, get in touch with Geraldton Dog Rescue or Mid West Cat Shelter.
  • Have some fun with the kids! Get out the pencils or paint, paper mache or why not make some Play Dough?


After an incredibly busy 2019, I inadvertently let my personal art practice fall by the wayside as I worked hard to meet design deadlines and lectured photography. Before I knew it, the whole year was gone in a flash! I realised that to get back on track as an artist, I needed to dedicate specific and regular time.

After completing my office renovation in January, I implemented Studio Fridays. A minimum one day a week that I would work in my art studio. It was an awesome decision. That one dedicated day has led me to feeling more motivated and inspired, giving me a sense of clarity and direction that I've been craving for a long time. I usually find myself continuing throughout the weekend, and any other spare minute I can find to create sugary sweet and disturbing pieces. My artwork needed it's own special home online, which became Nightmares + Gummy Bears. Why not implement your own dedicated studio day, evening or hour?


If you're feeling isolated, pick up the phone or chat online with friends and family. Delve into a creative project and keep busy. Let us know in the comments below what you're getting up to in quarantine. Take care everyone and look after each other!

My name is Rachel Weaver. An artist inspired by sugar and spice… and things not so nice. Experimenting with polymer clay and mixed media to create the weird ideas that fill my head late at night.

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