Rachel Weaver is an Australian Surreal Horror Artist, specialising in sickly sweet creations. Her work is driven by an eternal love of all things scary, fused with 80's nostalgia and sugary pastels. Fuelled by a relentless and overactive imagination, her work thrills some and disturbs others...

Sugar and spice and things not so nice are what fill me with endless inspiration. The juxtaposition of decay and preservatives, gore and candy. Strange creatures...the things of nightmares...I create what brings me joy. To see it bought to life, real and in front of me. It may be creepy, cute or a little of both. People either love it, or hate it. They can't look away and they can't unsee it.

The combination of horror elements fused with victuals gives new meaning to the term "sickly sweet". Jelly beans, maggots, bubble gum, rotten teeth, rainbow sprinkles and bloodshot eyeballs. Her work has been described as "delightfully horrid" and "weirdly cool".

Rachel Weaver resides in the windy city of Geraldton Western Australia, creating her unusual artworks from polymer clay, resin and mixed media. She is happiest binge watching horror, sketching out strange ideas and eating gummy bears.


Please email Rachel directly regarding any inquiries you may have;


  • 27th Nov 2021 - 30th Jan 2022     Midwest Art Prize  |  Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
  • 2021     REWIND  |  Post Office Lane Lightbox Gallery  |  Post Office Lane, Geraldton.
  • 2019     Mid West Art Prize  |  Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
  • 2018     Petite Pieces  |  Aspire Gallery, Queensland.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  Old Boy's School, Fremantle.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  The Cannery Arts Centre, Esperance.
  • 2017     Hard Pressed - Steam Roller Prints  |  ACDC Gallery, Geraldton.
  • 2016     ArtDrive Midwest  |  Public Artworks, Walkaway.
  • 2015     Baker Williamson Art Prize  |  Baker Williamson Studios, Geraldton.
  • 2013     SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Seeing Stars Art Prize  |  Yarra Gallery, Melbourne.
  • 2013     Midwest Art Prize  |  Geraldton Regional Art Gallery.
  • 2010     Monster Mash - Solo Exhibition  |  ACDC Gallery, Geraldton.


  • 2021     Critter Trail on Chapman  |  2 artworks
  • 2021     Geraldton Bollards Project  |  Winner, 1 artwork
  • 2018     Christmas Tree Trail  |  Winner, 1 artwork
  • 2017     Christmas Craypots  |  A Collaboration with Debbie Crothers
  • 2016     Geraldton Bollards Project  |  Winner, 2 artworks
  • 2016     ArtDrive  |  Artwork Installation with Kim Tetlow
  • 2016     ArtDrive  |  Artwork Installations with Andrew Mills & Jane Greenlees  |  Kim Tetlow
  • 2005     The Geraldton Regional Hospital |  Children's Ward Artworks