Radioactive Blind Stapled Thumbsnail Specimen #04072020 – Horror Creature Sculpture


Thumbsnails are among the strangest creatures that are bought to life directly from my dark and twisted imagination. 

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Handmade from polymer clay and mixed media, this one-of-a-kind horror specimen will be the pride of your collection. Highly realistic details make this horror sculpture equally disturbing and fascinating.

  • Eye Snail specimen is completely handmade and unique in character
  • Realistic wet-look blind human eyeball, blood vessels and tears
  • Radioactive glow in the dark cloudy iris
  • Realistic skin texture in dark skin tone
  • Realistic split nail and split thumb injury
  • Metal staples, wet-look blood and glow in the dark pus
  • Individually embedded eyelashes
  • Sculpture dimensions are approximately approximately 50mm H x 85mm W x  40mm D
  • Stamped and numbered on sculpture base and box
  • Specimen number is a record of artworks creation date
  • Custom stained and painted wooden display box