Babyface Toe Tentacle Specimen #14062020 – Horror Creature Sculpture


Pulled from the darkest depths of my imagination, this Babyface Toe Tentacle lures it’s prey with an adorable but dangerous innocence.

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Handmade from polymer clay and mixed media, this one-of-a-kind horror specimen will be the pride of your collection. Highly realistic details make this horror sculpture equally disturbing and fascinating.

  • Babyface Toe Tentacle specimen is completely handmade and unique in character
  • Realistic wet-look tentacle with suckers and baby face
  • Realistic bloody split nail growing on back of toe-shaped head
  • Individually embedded toe hairs
  • Dimensions of sculpture are approximately 70mm H x 70mm W x  35mm D
  • Stamped and numbered on sculpture base and box
  • Specimen number is a record of artworks creation date
  • Custom stained and painted wooden display box