Creating Faux Jubes from Resin


Today is Studio Friday! I spent my day having a bit of a clean up and finishing off my faux resin mini jubes. These cute little jubes will become components in future artworks. Some will be given a realistic sugar coating, similar to my faux sugar cubes. To achieve true transparency, I created these jubes using Amazing Clear Cast Resin rather than polymer clay.


For these faux jubes, Amazing Clear Cast Resin was the perfect choice. With an easy 1:1 mix ratio, it works beautifully for resin coating and clear casting. A slow cure allows you to take your time, mix thoroughly and pour carefully. Any air bubbles are able to work their way to the surface and escape before it begins to gel and harden. I've used resins in the past that have cured before I could even get them into the mould, which is both stressful and wasteful. I tinted the resin using my trusty alcohol inks and poured into a silicone mould to set. Don't they look delicious!

My name is Rachel Weaver. An artist inspired by sugar and spice… and things not so nice. Experimenting with polymer clay and mixed media to create the weird ideas that fill my head late at night.

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